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Apoorv Mote


My name is Apoorv, the founder of gold digger agency.

When I was working as Engineer I was looking to hire ISO consultant online. All the websites I found were dry and boring. They did not educate me about the need of their services & how can they help me fix my problem. Also I had tough time getting in touch with consultants & get timely reply from them.

It didn’t take me long to realize that ISO consultancy are not the only consultancy with substandard online presence. And an idea started to form about how I could help consultants attract more clients by utilizing their most undervalued resources “The online websites”

Then I studied the online marketing for a year & tested and tweaked every single aspect of it to make a great marketing product for consultancy. I hired some of the experienced & best people from every corner of the world to create a great product. I have people working for me from UK, USA & India.

Since then our little team at Gold Digger has been helping consultancy develop their online presence through personalized sales video & web presence to increase their customer engagement & grow their business.

We understand that the earlier people develop the personal connection with your consultancy, the more they are likely to contact you for an appointment. And the ideal way to make personalized connection is through personalized sales video.

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